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Fast Typographic Template

Exclusively for

Final Cut Pro

What is it?

GetSTOMP Opener organizes the powerful and impactful elements of text, typography, transitions, timing, media/footage, animations, and more into an ‘All-In-One' solution. At its core it’s stomp typography but can be used in countless projects. Perfect for promotions, intros, events, or social media ads.


GetSTOMP Opener is simple. Here's what you do:

  • Drag and drop a timed and formatted version of your choice

  • Select a color theme for the project

  • Choose logo or text for the end

  • Add images or video to the drop zones

  • Add your text

  • Customize timing, speed, and looks


To change the text, font, color, size and other text options, select the desired text box, then click on the Text Tab in the Inspector

Published Parameters

Upload and go design but we've included enough customization to help you tailor your project.

  • Colors - Light, dark, and gradient colors that are integrated throughout the video

  • Logo - Image, text, gradient, and background options

  • Image - Color overlay, pan, scale,

  • Text - Animation timing, color, and more

PP GetSTOMP Opener 1.png
GetSTOMP PP2.png
GetSTOMP PP3.png
Film Dust 1 PP GetSTOMP Opener.png
Film Dust 2 PP GetSTOMP Opener.png

Motion Blur gives it a polished look that smooths out the quick movements

Focus Effects is an additional animation effect for text.

Check these at the very end and save yourself some render time. We want to keep you fast.


The template pre-loads colors and artistically combines and uses them throughout the project. You select a theme of colors and see how it looks.


The Special Color and Gradient option let you create a custom gradient. Use the On-Screen Control points to control the gradient or the published positions are available as well.


Further control BG and Text colors in their individual locations. We allow you to swap and customize further if needed.


Input a logo into the drop zone or use text as the finishing statement. A transparent background on the image works best.


Customize the background (BG) theme color and fill color with the drop down menus.


Can't see the logo correctly? Check the zoom amount and the Logo Color Fill. Zooming out and setting the Fill to "None. Use Default" usually solves most problems.


BG Images

This is where your media will be added. Stills or video, it's up to you. Customize the position, scale, overlay color and even turn it off if necessary.


If using video, make sure your clip's duration is adjusted for the project. The drop zone will begin showing its content even when not on screen. Creating a compound clip with additional content is a good work-around that FCPX rule.


Input your text here. Stick with the theme presets for color or create your own look and feel as necessary. Some fields look better with certain amount of words. We've included some notes on those select few. Try out stacking, lengthening, using multiple words, and offset controls to get it just how you like it.


Further text customizations can be found by selecting your text on-screen and navigating to the text inspector controls on the top right. Tracking, font style, and more are all in there.


Extra Tips

Control the elements of the actual background. Check out gradient, matte, and drop zone options. Turn it into a box, lower third, or whatever you can imagine.


Matte options are a great way to get a lot of different styles of background.

Special Templates


  • Overlays - Find our Film Dust overlay under GetSTOMP Opener in the Video > Effects tab. Drag it onto the template or footage you would like to use it on. Customize it further with the dropdown menu, opacity, and blend modes.

  • Compound Clips - Create compound clips of media to add more to each drop zone or customize the timing of video content.

MacOS Error


  • Tiny Letters - There is a unfixable bug for text 16.1 and 16.2. When using Catalina 15.3 and above certain text will be shrunk. The current solution is to simply adjust the size up or down. When FCPX is restarted it may need to be adjusted again. We've racked our brains on it but can't find out why it occurs. Thank you for your patience and we will keep this updated.

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