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Captivating event templates for FCPX


Witness the power and simplicity!

If it has a time and place - make it stand out!
Beautiful designed layouts make for

captivating and compelling communication.
Events big or small; it’s a perfect fit!

Promote any event!

Customizable modules

Add video, images, details and professionalism to convert viewers to participants. Attendees get excited, they get the details, and they don't miss out your amazing event.

3 design examples for the module "Speaker"

Countless combinations

Build a video by arranging any number of modules in any order. Then, configure each module's transition choosing from 4 animation options.

Examples of GetEVENT modules

(Hover on thumbnail to view animation)


Watch tutorial

Get the word out

Share, show and impact more with GetEVENT.

Intuitive controls and versatile design will save you the headache and will be used in countless projects.

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