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What is it?

GetBULLETS is a set of 30 bullet point and title templates for Final Cut Pro X. It adds life to lists and make details dynamic with a click of a button. This tool makes text engaging and puts it in an easy-to-read format.  You can avoid looking like powerpoint invaded your project with this professionally designed and animated solution.


GetBULLETS is dead simple.

  • Drag and drop onto your timeline

  • Choose how many bullets you want

  • Edit your text

  • Customize color, size, position, etc.

Tip: To change the text, font, color, size and other text options, select the desired text box, then click on the Text Tab in the Inspector

Published Parameters

Each template has a host of  published parameters that allow for customization. The Published Parameters are under the Title Tab in the Inspector. Some templates have additional published parameters to enhance the unique design behind each template. All straightforward and easy to follow.

Parameters ScreenShot.png

Use these checkboxes to turn Off/On the Build In/Out Animations.


Some templates have additional animations you can turn Off/On


This section controls the basics of the template as a whole. Regardless if you turn off the title or the bullet points this controls the entire template.



These properties can also be found and controlled using the On-Screen Controls to help you get the exact look you would like in a flash.


These parameters control the look, color, and custom content of the title itself. From the physical size of certain elements to the colors and opacity of many elements



Some templates contain more customizable elements than others. You will find some templates that have a complete customization section in addition to what you find under the title.


First off, how many bullet points do you need? Each template goes up to 10 but you can add the same template to your project to duplicate more bullet points. 

General controls separate from the title can be found for the bullets themselves. Customization options are different for each template but each has a fair amount of personal flair you can add.

Tip: Some templates contain multiple bullet types and enhanced customization.

Drop Shadow

Applying a drop shadow helps you separate the template from your background. These controls are found on every template and can be incorporated as you see fit.


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