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Polaric originated from the pure joy of simplifying, solving problems, and bringing ideas to life. Nothing is more exciting than being able to create, visualize, and explore all while doing meaningful work.

Our symphony, cure for disease, new invention, or big idea comes in many forms. Currently at Polaric we're starting with effects, titles, transitions, and look forward to expanding into additional creative avenues. We want what you want - meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Hi, I'm Steven Jensen and I love to see ideas come to life. I'm a father of three but my wife has to especially watch the fourth child. Whether its games, sports, crafts, or following my kids, I love to play and explore. I look forward to being a resource for you and the things that you love as well. Please feel free to reach out and connect. If you are ever in the Las Vegas area give us a heads up.

Big Shout out to the creatives and their artistic creations.

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