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Captivating event templates for FCPX

Exclusively for

Final Cut Pro

What is it?

GetEVENT helps you inform, advertise, and promote any type of event. Beautiful animations and professionally designed layouts make for captivating and compelling communication of your event. Events big or small; it’s a perfect fit.


  • Gather your details and see which modules you want to use

  • Drag and Drop each module on to your timeline

  • Input your information and media

  • Utilize a color palette for consistency

  • Tailor transitions, animations, and adjustments to your liking


Don't forget the footer and logo modules that are found in the titles menu. These are great for branding and can be used on any project.

Published Parameters

Customize with a click and change the look and design with ease.

  • Colors - Light, dark, and gradient colors that are integrated throughout the video

  • Logo - Image, text, gradient, and background options

  • Image - Color overlay, pan, scale,

  • Text - Animation timing, color, and more

Arranging Modules

For the transitions to happen seamlessly, you have to enable fading. But before this, and for the fading to work, the modules are to be stacked one over or below the other with only 10 frames in common in the end or beginning, where the fading is going to happen. 


The image below illustrates how to place the modules:

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 11.20.23
10 Frames Fade.png

You can place one module, then the second module in your timeline over the first and close to its end. Then place the third below and close to the end of the second. Next module goes over, next, below, ever alternating over and below until the end of the video.

Ensure the modules involved in a transition with fade have 10 frames in common.

Extra FX

Vignette - Creates a spotlighted look and is great for creating visual appeal.

Check these at the very end and save yourself some render time. We want to keep you fast.


Control the animations of each template. Further customize the animation style and type by using the Build IN Movement dropdown. Select from 4 types of animations on each template. This gives you plenty of variety.

  • Float

  • Land 

  • Zoom IN

  • Zoom OUT


Utilize the disable options for limiting animations to the background or content.


Pick a palette of colors to use for your project. Each template will utilize these color choices and provide consistency throughout.

Elements can be customized to follow your palette or use custom colors of your choice.

Special Color will be the gradient color option in each template.


We provided On-Screen-Controls (OSC) to help you control the gradients. If you can't get to them due to an overlapping text box then use the published position controls to customize.


Some users enjoy key framing the gradient to give it a passing animation.



Add the details of the event to each appropriate template. Position controls and color are conveniently published for quick access.


Style preferences can be customized by clicking directly on the text and adjusting in the text inspector on the right hand of your screen.


Don't hesitate to mix up the font style by utilizing outline and tracking controls to help with difficult layouts.

Background Style

Use color, images, or a combination of both to match the style of your project. BG Blend Mode gives you lots of looks depending on what you select. Black and White images are easy by clicking the monochromatic box.


Mirror effects along with keyframing BG elements can help you create some unique looks and effects.


Extra Tips

Adding drop shadow to text is possible. Adding it directly in the text inspector is where you will want to start. Some templates may require you to change your text to the 'custom' color to achieve control of drop shadow color.

Special Templates


  • Overlays - Find our Film Dust overlay under GetSTOMP Opener in the Video > Effects tab. Drag it onto the template or footage you would like to use it on. Customize it further with the dropdown menu, opacity, and blend modes.

  • Compound Clips - Create compound clips of media to add more to each drop zone or customize the timing of video content.

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