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Fast Typography Plugin
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Exclusively for

Final Cut Pro

What is it?

GetSTOMP was created to help enhance words and text with character, personality, and flair. Stomp typography is meant to be fast and help make a point quickly. These can be sped up or slowed down. How you combine them and the impact they have on a project is up to you.


GetSTOMP at its core is simple. Here's what you do:

  • Drag and drop onto your timeline

  • Edit your text

  • Position and select specific animation options

  • Customize color, size, direction, position, etc. for your title, background, and emphasis options.

Tip: To change the text, font, color, size and other text options, select the desired text box, then click on the Text Tab in the Inspector

Published Parameters

Each template has a host of  published parameters that allow for customization. The Published Parameters are under the Title Tab in the Inspector. Most templates in GetSTOMP are built around:

  • Core animation - Directional Options, Object Tracker

  • Customization Options - Speed, spacing, effects and more

  • Emphasis Options - Additional animation effects (Tracking, Invert, Scale, Color, etc.)

  • Integrated Background - Shape, color, image, animation, matte, and gradients


Checkboxes for In/Out animations, object tracker, and directional animations.


Content Fades is only applied to animations that include the "Content IN/OUT Move" options.


Central command for basic adjustments of the template. 



Use the On-Screen Controls to help you quickly adjust these parameters.


These parameters control the look, color, and custom look of the template. Each template has individual controls specific to the title. 



Some control animation speed, direction, amount, and more.


More animations, looks, and effects can be further added to your project. These come after the initial animation and can further emphasize each title.

Playing with the Invert options gives you simple integrated effects that are stunning.

BG Movement

Find animation controls for your background here. Movement, speed and fade give you plenty of creative options.


BG Style

Control the elements of the actual background. Check out gradient, matte, and drop zone options. Turn it into a box, lower third, or whatever you can imagine.


Matte options are a great way to get a lot of different styles of background.

Special Templates

  • Replicate Tool - Create a compound clip with any FCPX title. Open the compound clip and put the replicate tool on top. Toggle options to create rows and columns of the title.

  • Motion Blur - Put on top of any title for varying levels of blur. It will take time to render so save it for the end.

  • Compound Clips - Create compound clips of titles to further customize timing of animations and effects.

Stay in the Loop

Stay in the Loop

Stay up to date on awesome deals, new tools, and help shape demand and design for new Final Cut Pro Plugins!

Stay up to date on awesome deals, new tools, and help shape demand and design for new Final Cut Pro Plugins!

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